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Carol Reece

I am a certified life and health coach specializing in yoga nidra, cultivating inner strength and serenity. With a deep commitment to well-being, my goal is to empower individuals on their journey to balance, offering transformative experiences that resonate with the rhythm of their authentic selves.

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My Story

I am what you call a Cary, NC native; a rarity in this vastly growing area. I am a mother to four beautiful children, a lover of the outdoors, personal growth books & podcast, a yoga & headstand enthusiast, and life-long student.


I always imagined I would be a parent, but I knew my life purpose was bigger than just being a mother, without sacrificing my time and attention from my family. Wellness found me when I needed a change in my life and now it is just a part of who I am. I have lived with various undiagnosed health issues for most of my life. No two doctors agreed on a diagnosis, so I gave up on conventional medicine as a result. There have been times where I was absolutely miserable and don't know how I made it through each day with debilitating fatigue, pain & inflammation, irritability, headaches, and intense anxiety/ depression. A natural approach changed everything.


I am passionate about creating a safe and supportive space to help others unlock their inner most desired health goals, shifting their mind and key habits, and guiding them toward their ideal level of success and wellness. With clients, I develop an intimate relationship by understanding each unique life experience, as well as one’s goals and dreams. It’s my responsibility and duty to provide guidance, inspiration, mentorship, and accountability. I specialize in targeted habit shifts that are small and manageable to set the most impactful ripple effects into motion. I'm on an ongoing quest for knowledge to harmonize mind, body, and spirit. By tuning into each of these areas, I've found that this enables a deeper level of healing and true transformation and recovery.


I have specialized training in nutrition, mindset/ habit shift, addiction recovery, an understanding of functional bloodwork values,  and positive psychology. I am also currently studying conscious-centered living in pursuit of my Doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Sedona. My passion for growth and knowledge is endless as  I  search for new ways to nourish my mind, my body, and my spirit. I am grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves over the course of my adulthood and am eager to share this lifestyle with anyone with an open mind and heart. 

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