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The Experience

Immerse yourself in transformative mindful retreats surrounded by nature's embrace. Connect with like-minded souls on a journey of alignment and spiritual growth. 

Soulful Retreat Activities

Yoga Class

Engage in activities designed to rejuvenate your spirit, foster self-awareness, and strengthen your emotional well-being. 

Inspiring Workshops

Class - Joanna-min_edited.jpg

Immerse yourself in thought-provoking workshops led by experts in the fields of relationships, wellness, and personal development. Take notes or just enjoy the experience!


Tarot Reading

Love or work/life balance readings during your free time with our in-house psychic Jazmine the Medium.  Receive messages and guidance from spirit to help you on your life's journey. 

S.O.U.L. Food

Healthy Salad

Chef Definition and Laura Antonelli, skillfully curate and prepare a delightful array of fresh, healthy, vegetarian meals and snacks for your enjoyment. 


Michelle Med-min (1).png

Our meditation classes are designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety, and find inner calm and clarity. We offer both guided and silent meditation sessions.

Energy Work

Energy Healing

Our certified Reiki practitioners offer expert guidance in harnessing universal life force energy to promote relaxation, balance, and holistic healing. Experience renewed well-being as you allow their skilled touch to release tension and nurture your body's natural healing abilities.

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