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Discover answers to common queries about our offerings, accommodations, and more on our FAQ page. Your journey to clarity starts here.

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Meditating in Nature

What can I expect from a weekend retreat?

At our weekend retreats, expect an immersive experience of transformative workshops, mindful activities, and an energizing environment, curated to help you rediscover your true self amidst a community of like-minded souls.


Do I need prior experience in anything to attend?

No experience needed or necessary.


What should I pack for the retreat?

Prepare for ultimate comfort by packing loungewear suitable for yoga and meditation sessions. If you're up for outdoor adventures, don't forget your hiking boots to fully enjoy our nature excursions!


Is accommodation provided?

Yes, this in an all-inclusive experience. 


What type of food will be provided?

Each retreat offers vegetarian cuisine with vegan options to enhance the mind, body and soul experience.  We focus on not only detoxing the mind, but also detoxing the body of built up toxins, which in turn removes additional blockages that accumulate and disconnect us from our true self. 


How do I get more information about your retreats?

For a deeper dive into our retreat experience, schedule a discovery call with our dedicated Guest Experience Team. They're ready to answer all your questions and guide you on your journey within. Connect with us here.


What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy is retreat specific and explained in detail within the description of each package.


Will there be free time or structured activities throughout the weekend?

You may choose to hang around or participate in any and all activities. (They are optional)


Are there any age restrictions for the retreat?

Adults only


What qualifications do the instructors or facilitators have?

Our teachers are a mix of Energy Healers, Mindset Coaches, Nutrition Specialists, Spiritual Mentors, Chefs, a Psychic Medium and Doctor of Philosophy/Metaphysics.


Can I bring my own materials/equipment for specific activities?

You can bring your own yoga mat if you have one and anything you feel you might need.


How can I prepare mentally and physically for the retreat?

To get the most out of the retreat experience, its best to begin meditating and preparing your mind for personal growth and rediscovery of Self.


Is there any post-retreat support or resources provided?

Yes, we offer continued education, community and support in our Escape Within Academy, as well as a virtual learning library/streaming site called Akasha Flix.

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