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"Rhythmic Resonance:
Flowing with Your Energy"

Friday, May 3rd - 6th 2024
In Arley, Alabama

Discover how to flow with your energy as you immerse in a weekend filled with meditations, workshops, soulful activities, and connections.  A weekend retreat like no other! Prepare to dive deep into a journey of self-discovery, amazing energy and growth. 

This theme revolves around the rhythmic dance of the Moon's phases, emphasizing the flow of emotions during the Moon in Pisces and the proactive surge of energy during the Moon in Aries.


A transformative journey, syncing your internal rhythms with the celestial cycles. Ultimately, learning the tools to easily flow with the energies around you and be in resonance with the energies within you. 

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Meditating in Nature

Book your Escape Within

Our retreat is an invitation for you to Escape Within and embrace your true potential.  


Prices are all-inclusive which include your meals, snacks, activities and your suite. Choose your package below!

Check out our daily itinerary here!

Transportation to/from the retreat facility is the responsibility of the guest. If the guest is unable to provide transportation for themselves, our travel concierge will make arrangements at the guest's expense. Arrangements must be made at least 14 days prior to the event.



Need additional information? Have questions? Schedule a Retreat Discovery Call.

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