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"Find Your Light & Heal Within"

Friday, November 8th-11th 2024

in Southside Beach, South Carolina

Escape Within invites you to embark on a transformative journey at our serene beachside retreat nestled along the shores of Surfside Beach, South Carolina. This enchanting beach house serves as the idyllic sanctuary where healing and self-discovery unfold amidst the soothing embrace of nature's symphony.

This isn't your ordinary escape; it's a community dedicated to your unique journey. Coping with emotions, struggling to communicate, feeling overlooked — our workshops are heart-to-heart conversations, and our activities make change less daunting. And when the retreat ends, the connections endure.

Why choose us? Because it's more than a retreat; it's a life-changing journey made simple. Come as you are, leave as you've always wanted to be. Picture this against a backdrop of a serene retreat surrounded by nature, a place that embodies relaxation and tranquility.


Meditating in Nature

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Our retreat is an invitation for you to Escape Within and embrace your true potential.  


Prices are all-inclusive which include your meals, snacks, activities and your suite.

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*Payment plans are available.

Daily itinerary coming soon!

Guests are responsible for arranging transportation to/from the retreat. Should assistance be needed, our travel concierge can make arrangements at the guest's expense, with a 14-day notice for optimal planning.



Need additional information? Have questions? Schedule a Retreat Discovery Call.

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